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Monitoring virtual machines on Nutanix



I have a question about monitoring virtual machines on Nutanix environment.

Nutanix( serves various infrastructure for virtualization such as HCI(Hyper-Converged Infrastructure), that enables us to maintain infrastructure more easily.

In addition, this can enables us to utilize private cloud instances(=VMs) and one of our trial users wants to monitor VMs on Nutanix with dynatrace.

According to specifications of dynatrace, I'm sure that dynatrace cannot monitor Nutanix itself as the Infrastructure layer, that is different from environments like VMware , and they have accepted it.

So we don't think dynatrace should monitor Nutanix infrastructure.

However, I guess that dynatrace can monitor VMs on Nutanix as well as ones on other virtualization like VMware if we install oneagent into them.

(Of course, these VMs on Nutanix are running as Linux OS, Windows or etc which are supported.).

Is my understanding correct?


Kohei Saito



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


You're right, the Nutanix machine is proprietary and we do not currently capture any Nutanix layer metrics automatically. However I believe Nutanix provides an API and you could write a small bit of code which accesses that API and pushes those metrics into Dynatrace as custom metrics.

Of course the easy step you can do at this time is simply install OneAgents on each of the VMs running on Nutanix.


Hi @Joseph M. H.,

Thanks for your quick response!

Certainly, as you said, it may be possible to monitor Nutanix Infrastructure layer on dynatrace if Nutanix provides an API and we can push metrics from that API to dynatrace by executing some scripts.

It is very helpful!


Kohei Saito