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Moving of old setup to new setup.


we want to move  in-scope host and applications to new DC under new entity.

Currently we have two tenants (Prod and Non Prod) SAAS based.

We will procure new tenants (Prod and Non Prod) SAAS based for new entity. 

I want to move all the old setup to new setup

  1. Import/Export of existing  all configurations from current Dynatrace environment to new environment for in scope applications and hosts  .
    1. Real user monitoring setting
    2. Synthetic scripts
    3. Alert profile an notification setting
    4. Any customization – Thresholds , Tagging etc. 
    5. Dashboards and Report
    6. Old /existing data migration to new tenants.

I want to know whether this is possible or not. If its works, Please share me the document.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

for 1 to 5, I recommend you check "Config Manager", which allows you to do most of the config migrations.

Please be aware of manual tasks

Unfortunately, it's not possible to move monitoring data between environments.


There is a course at the university called saas migration, it shows you how to do this migration. It is normally done using Monaco or API, here you get all the information and upload it to the new tenant. About item 6 you want, it is not possible to migrate data from one tenant to another

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