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Multi-tenant use case of Dynatrace SaaS



We have heard that there is the multi-tenant deployment of Dynatrace SaaS for a large environment.
How many agents or environments did you recommend deploying multiple SaaS tenants?

We are planning to deploy 1000 agents to both of the production and the development environment. If we use 1 tenant for the both of environment, we consider that we may mistake the environment when the problem was opened.

Best Regards,
Noah Kobayashi



Hi Noah,

I will recommend going the multi-tenant route for this use case. For 2 non-production environments, you can possibly share one tenant but for production and non-production, you may want to seperate them for various reasons.

1. As you said not to confuse problems when they are created.

2. There is more flexibility making changes to a non-production environment than to a production one.

3. You may want to validate configuration changes in the dev tenant before replicating to the production tenant.

The only possible reason to use a shared tenant is if there are specific services that are shared by production and development components but i sincerely doubt that is the case.

I also assume you mean 1000 hosts so i recommend separate tenants for management.

Hope This Helps


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