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Multiple DT_CLUSTER_ID variable for several apache processes in one machine


Hi all,

I've multiple Apache instances in a single machine and, in order to create a process group for every instance we want to assign the DT_CLUSTER_ID, DT_NODE_ID and DT_CUSRTOM_PROP environment variables.

My doubt here is, if we put the instruction export DT_CLUSTER_ID=name in every script that runs every apache, with a different name for each instance, the value of DT_CLUSTER_ID is overwritten? Or every apache has its own DT_CLUSTER_ID environment variable?

Regards, Josep Maria


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I'm not sure if you are using standard apache startup scripts or not. If you are using standard ones, there is even a place for that and that file is called envvars. You will just have to put correct DT_CLUSTER_ID for each instance. Something like this:

export DT_CLUSTER_ID="apache1"

In general - you must ensure the process will have the environment variable set. This applies if you are using custom startup scripts.

Another way would be to use the process group detection rules or process group naming rules - depending on if the processes are "glued" together or you just want to rename them to a name you need.

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