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Need advice - One Agent Installation

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For OTeL implementation, the team needs to install one  agent in their laptops. The aim is to use OTeL sdk and implement trace information in .net and feed to DT. We would  like to test with oneagent and without one agent too. Could you please help and advise on one agent installation on laptops. Also is there an api for agentless trace ingestion?



There is API/endpoints that accept OTeL You can check them under the link: 

But I recommend using some collectors to minimize traffic:

As of installing OneAgents on personal laptops/workstations - I would highly discourage You from that.
The each workstation will be utilizing Licenses, Each will need access to ActiveGates or Dynatrace (network traffic).
The best approach would be to test it out on test environments rather than Dev Personal devices.
Still technically You can install OneAgents on them if You really want to - using exactly the same procedure as on servers.


Hope it answers all questions.

Thank you Michal for your quick feedback and response. 

Let me go through this solution and will revert back if I need any additional feedback/support.

Thank you again for your support

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