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Netty > Custom Service Creation

Hello Community.

From the box, i can see Netty process, but not service.

I try to define custom service, use some methods & classes from code.

I got this:

I can see URL, status , User-agent, protocol and others.

How can i get same view as i can see ElasticSearch Service

How can i define that this method is a simple HTTP server and get same view as, for example nginx or IIS, or from elasticsearch screenshot.

I want to see URL in ServiceName > detail > top requests

Now i have this table.

How can i to change display for this custom service for typical view of web server.

It is possible?




I look throw documentation and this :

This future is available in Request naming rules

Now i get this PP:


Hi Alexander, how did you manage to define a working custom service? Mine didn't work even with custom service

Hello, Ginnie W

As i can see Netty is discovered automatically out of box in last update. I check it successfully on another customer.

Are your sure that you have traffic on this service? Maybe it is reason why you have no services defined automatically or defined manually.