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Network Monitoring in Dynatrace


We have a requirement regarding monitoring the Network devices such as Firewall (Fortinet) and Switches in dynatrace.

Just want to make sure, we will require using  these extensions 1) Generic Network device and 2) SNMP Traps we will be able to monitor these. ??


Thank You.



Yes, you gon be able but the visibility is kinda limited. Dynatrace is not a NPM but maybe for your purpose gon fit

Dynatrace Professional Certified

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Yes. And there are also other extensions, notably the one for Cisco devices, that also uses SNMP. Also, you can really develop custom SNMP extensions really easy, if you are into SNMP/MIBs/etc

I have a strong network monitoring background (started with OpenView in 1993), and when I started using SNMP & Dynatrace at scale, I was quite surprised :dynaspin:

I have a client that has thousands of devices, and thousands of traps a minute. I have heard of much bigger cases.

Works really well, but you might need to tweak some configurations to keep resource usage low.

Antonio Sousa

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