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Network Zone Changed to 'Default' after OneAgent Upgrade - SaaS


We just performed an agent upgrade to 1.223.105 and noticed that the upgrade process did not retain the existing network zone configuration for agents and now the agent are using the 'Default' network zone. Has anyone had similar issues?


I did not pass any parms to each install, just ran the install to upgrade the agent, nothing more.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is news to me and can be quite concerning. I will keep this in mind when we test out that Oneagent Version in our environment


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I noticed you said you "Ran the install" vs kicking off an update from the UI. I think this is the root cause to the problem. Passing a new install will overwrite things such as Host Group and Network Zone


I upgraded a few in the UI and came up with the same, settings are retained if done through the UI.


Do we know if this will be changed? The installer when ran (not via the UI) will keep your metadata such as the host properties so why have it designed to keep some agent settings but remove others like the hostgroup and network zone? We utilize BigFix to push out the install to upgrade the agent. Upgrading via the UI using the hostgroup is not efficient for us and I don't want to push the upgrade to every host at once through the UI

In my lab, just executing the installation over an existing install has retained the existing settings in both Windows and Linux.  Before upgrading, I normally backup my and launcheruserconfig.conf files.


OMG!!!!  More testing would definitely be required.  I can see this being a major issue.

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