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New Application Rules don't filter data for old last 7 days



Please can any one help me to figure it out why I am unable to get the proper filter assignment.

Below is the user action few days back.

User action loading of page ----> /Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Domain ---->

Currently there is no traffic on the application but I am trying to create application / filter from the "My web application"

On settings > application rules > create custom application > use below .

if the domain (host) AND contains = stappweb

---> did not got the data.

if the URL AND Contains = stappweb

---> did not got the data.

and also tried many pro-mutation and combinations it did not filtered data.

Once created application rules will it for future traffic or it will not filter the old data for newly created application rules. --- since my environment is non-prod at this movement.

Please any advice?

Thank you


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Application rules will only work for new incoming data. Old data is not changed as it is already processed and all time series, user sessions etc. are already booked to one application. When a page from a web application is loaded, the first thing is to detect the application as the most config options are stored on the application.

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