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New OneAgent Features screen feedback


With cluster version 1.242, some of the settings under "Deep Monitoring" previously have been put into Settings > Preferences > OneAgent features.  I'm assuming this is for UI alignment across the settings, but we lost some capability that was on the previous screen.  We now have 10 pages of features in the list with no sort options and no way to filter by enabled/disabled or opt-in (early adopter) versus standard.  I think sort and filter options will be quite helpful in making this more manageable.  

In addition, the matching screen under process group settings allows us to specify overrides (which is good), but does so using a large drop-down list that doesn't show what the existing environment setting is for each override.  You would then have to make a single override per feature per process group.  

Lastly, the existing model is okay for already existing process groups, but is tricky to apply for anything short lived and dynamic.  Is there any plan (or alternate method today) to allow for settings on future process groups that don't yet exist?

Positive feedback: thanks for simplifying the two old OpenTelemetry configuration spots into a single location.



Addendum: we can filter on Opt-in by text to achieve that particular filtering using the name of the feature.  

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Yes, at least sorting and proper filtering on:

  • Feature
  • Description
  • Technology
  • Minium version
  • Restart required

The overrides should be displayed (just displayed - keep the modification in the process group settings) in the global OneAgent features window, so you can easily see if there is an override applied somewhere or not. 

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner


We'd like to see a field that shows a preview of ALL impacted processes/services if a particular New OneAgent feature were to be enabled/disabled.


It should be possible to sort by Enable column to identify fast what is disable against what is enabled. 



We want to see in particular which processes/services would be impacted/touched by that OneAgent Feature if it is Enabled.

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