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Non standard Monaco usage experience exchange


I would like to start here discussion/ experience exchange for Monaco usage beyond simple deployment templates to another environment.
- custom logic/scripts on the top of JSON and YAMLs

- reporting to fill UI gap in data presentation
- Partial data sync insisde same envronment

- replacing pure API calls with Monaco actions/configs
- creation different configs based on product/mz difference

- user management

- different anomaly dtection rules for different host groups
- Your examples)



Absolutely, let's explore various ways to extend Dynatrace Monaco beyond simple deployment templates to enhance your Dynatrace environment. Feel free to share your experiences or ask questions about these scenarios

1. Custom Logic/Scripts with JSON and YAML:
- Have you used Monaco to embed custom logic or scripts within your configuration templates? For instance, to perform advanced calculations, data transformations, or dynamic configuration adjustments based on certain conditions?

2. Reporting to Fill UI Gap in Data Presentation:
- Have you built custom reporting solutions using Monaco? This could involve extracting performance data from Dynatrace and presenting it in custom dashboards or reports tailored to your specific needs.

3. Partial Data Sync within the Same Environment:
- How have you managed partial data synchronization within a single Dynatrace environment? This could be useful for ensuring that specific configurations or settings are consistent while allowing for variations in other parts of the environment.

4. Replacing Pure API Calls with Monaco Actions/Configs:
- Share your experiences in transitioning from manual API calls to utilizing Monaco actions and configurations for more streamlined and automated management of Dynatrace settings.

5. Creating Different Configurations Based on Product/MZ Difference:
- Have you implemented Monaco to create and manage distinct configurations based on product-specific or microzone-specific requirements within your Dynatrace environment?

6. User Management:
- How have you leveraged Monaco for user management tasks, such as provisioning users, assigning roles, and configuring access controls within Dynatrace?

7. Different Anomaly Detection Rules for Different Host Groups:
- Share your strategies for setting up Monaco to apply unique anomaly detection rules to various host groups or services based on their specific performance profiles.

 If you have any questions or need further guidance on any of these topics, please don't hesitate to ask.

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