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Not detecting the configured application

We have recently migrated our DB server from AIX to Linux server. Then we have given the new data source into dynatrace as well. But we are facing an issue with dynatrace now.
When we restart the dynatrace services, application will reflect data in dynatrace tool. But after sometime it is not detecting the application. Only showing default application details.

Please advise on this ASAP.


See is not reflecting data after sometime.


What s nice tiles! I have not see such tiles in Managed. Can you tell how you managed to get them?

That window will come when you click on applications.

This is view for Appmon, not for Dynatrace Managed.

Regards, Sebastian

aghhh! I have not found such Monitoring overview in Managed. Thanks!

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@Michael K. please show me your application configuration. I think you have wrong rule somehow. If you have rule starts with without using http ot https it may nor work.


Regards, Sebastian

When i configured the application manually, i'm facing the above issue. After sometime it is not reflecting data in dynatrace. So I have marked the auto application detection option just now. Now data is reflecting in application window. But we just need to show the application only. There are more showing in application window now.

Copy all configurations from autodetect (that are related to your application) into new manually created app with name of your choice and you will be good to go.


Regards, Sebastian

Done as you mentioned. But when i configured the application manually and untick the "auto application detection" option, then request count is getting decrease and finally no data will be there. When i marked "auto application detection option" data will be there. Is it a must to tick it?

Please find the below screenshots.

Application configured manually without auto application detection option.

Application configured manually with auto application detection option.

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