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OS Services can read the Host tags same as process?


OS Services can read the Host tags same as process?


When create auto tags for Host will apply to process but why not OS services(Custom Devices)? this is not working from 1.265 onwards and don't see any development or workaround solution from Dynatrace.


As we want to pass those auto tags from host to custom device problems so that our ServiceNow will read them and will apply few rules like routing to right assign group\set priority & other stuff.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hi @Srinivasu ,

for assigning auto tags to OS services, you can use tagging rule by entity selector for example the following entity selector will apply the tag to any os services, which are located on hosts having the tagX tag.


I believe with such selectors you can easily tag the OS services related to hosts.

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I want to bring the host name as tag in OS services. Is there anyway we can bring host name to OS services?

Applied the few tags from host to custom devices but those Auto Tags Intermittently Not Applying To OS Services.

Remain tags are good only issue with applying from Host Custom device.

Raised a support ticket lets see...

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