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One agent was unable to detect for Citrix non persistence VDAs

Hi All,


Recently we have installed oneagent and Citrix VDA extension in Non persistence VDA Servers and here while installation we have passed HOST ID as "Mac address" hence in Dynamic environment Mac address will be the unique ID.


But here case when ever Citrix Non persistence VDAs are restarted OR from base image to spin up more VDAs   IP, Host name and mac address also were also changed so oneagent were unable to detect Host Ids and oneagent was unable to Monitor the Citrix VDAs.


So Could please provide Any suggestions here.






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Depending hon how you deploy out, couldn't you use host metadata to capture the value when it spins up as a new host? Could you provide a screen shot or two of the hosts? 


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