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OneAgent Mapping



I have not managed yet to understand how Dynatrace creates its mapping of the environment. How does the agent understand the dependence between each process, service, host and hardware ? How does the agent establish the smartscape to be simple ?

Is there any documentation concerning this subject ?





Three patented technologies unique to Dynatrace dovetail with one another to enable automatic discovery, modeling, and analytics of each component and dependency across all tiers of your application. Dynatrace provides true full-stack monitoring.

OneAgent technology uses a single agent to collect and unify all operational and business performance metrics for all types of entities in your application environment—servers, applications, services, databases, and more—across each layer of your technology stack (including containers!).

Smartscape visualization technology maps everything running in your environment and detects all causal dependencies between websites, applications, services, processes, hosts, networks, and cloud infrastructure.

Dynatrace patented PurePath technology captures timings and code level context for application transactions end to end, across all supported technologies, from cloud to mainframe.

I understood that part I wanted to know if its possible to have details on how it really works ?

Do you read page of doc for OneAgent and Purepath (link on last my answer) ? It describes the principle of the OneAgent.

With the power of an Oneagent we can we get to build relationships in the SmartScape topology:

please tell me a little more in detail which questions you do not understand

I read all those documentation but i don't understand how OneAgent establishes the relationships between application, service, process, hosts and data centers ? What are the methods used ? I hope that I'm clear.

The documentation does not give detail but an overall summary on how the technology works.

very detailed information in the documentation unfortunately you will not find

if in a nutshell about vertical vision:

Host (recognize it on OS level) -> Processes (OneAgent see and recognize all processes on OS level by host) -> Services (OneAgent see and recognize it with the help of instrumentation at the code level by each supported process) -> Application (with the help of OneAgent on web-service or Java app automatically inject the RUM JavaScript code into the HTML pages)

horizontal view described in the last post

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