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OneAgent automated update deployments


Greetings - does anyone know where I can find details on how the OneAgent scheduled update process works?   I know how to set it up, I just don't know what is happening in the background.   Are the agents pushed out in parallel to those host groups that are scheduled for maintenance and Agent Updates?   Or is it a serial process?   
We show failures in our System Notifications but they don't even show up until well after the maintenance windows.  Sometimes the next day!  So I am unsure if the install even finishes during the maintenance window.

If anyone has internal doc or an understanding of the underlying upgrade process, please let me know. 





Matt Evanson - CloudEngineer / Observability

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


It happens quite simply. An agent with a specific time (which you can accurately define when toggling the automatic update checkbox) connects to the cluster and queries, "Are there any configuration updates for me / are there any updates for me?" It is the agent that initiates the connection. In case of a positive answer - "updates are available," if other conditions are met - the agent host update is launched. After restarting the application servers, the code-module-agent will be updated in the applications.

I don't think anyone can share the exact time, but like any other application/process, if we're talking about Linux, it's easy to check what's happening using "/proc" 😎


I would solve your issue by switching to the test (similar hosts) with tracking using tail -f ...logs/installer/* logs written by the agent. Also, all update-related problems are logged in logs/installer.


From experience - if there are no issues with disk space, changing permissions on directories and files (passes healthcheck), the update occurs quickly (5~20min) and smoothly in the maintenance windows.



Alex  Romanenkov







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