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OneAgent connectivity issues with Dynatrace ActiveGates


Hi All,

We do have multiple Active Gate servers in our SaaS Tenant . We are working on decommissioning our old Active Gateway servers due to OS compatibility issues with Suse Linux and got new servers (RHEL) in place of them . New Gateway servers are with in the same subnet of old servers & same firewall rules have been copied from old to new servers.

We have installed Active Gate on the new servers & can see one agents are getting connected to our new Gateway servers. So that we have uninstalled Active Gate on the old servers , after few minutes we have seen Host or monitoring unavailable alerts - Most of the One Agents went down . So that we have re- installed Active Gate on the old servers and all the Host or monitoring unavailable alerts got resolved. Most of the one agents were not able to connect to new Gateway servers or directly to the SaaS tenant.

As per Active Gate connectivity scheme ,One Agents will connect to the AG’s as per round robin. One Agents can connect to any AG with in the network and if any AG went down then agents will automatically connect to other AG’s that are available or will try to connect to the SaaS Tenant . But in our case its not happening like that . Some One Agents are connecting to only old AG servers even new servers are in same subnet.

We re-verified with Firewall team . They allowed traffic with 9999 port on the new Active Gateway servers. But still One agent traffic is not automatically routed to new Active Gates, it stops being sent to the new Active Gates after uninstalling the old Active Gates. Appreciate help/suggestions on this issue.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You can check if the agent is aware of the new endpoints using onagentctl --get-server
curl -vvv to the new endpoints can help to understand if there's any device, with specific requirements as certificates, affecting the communication.

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