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OneAgent modifying log messages for Java



We have a OneAgent installation that is causing trouble for us as it's modifying our log messages. We're not using OneAgent SDK for Java.


OneAgent is removing our `span_id` and `trace_id` fields from all log messages. However, it is not adding the `dt.trace_id` and `dt.span_id` fields to the log messages. 


We're using Logback with opentelemetry-logback-mdc-1.0. We also tried removing opentelemetry-logback-mdc-1.0 but OneAgent doesn't add the dt.trace_id and dt.span_id fields, even if we configure Logback's provider.


Removing OneAgent container from the deployment works (we're using ECS with Fargate). Is there any way to make OneAgent stop messing with the log messages? Or some way for us to troubleshoot what's going on.


Does anyone know what can be done on this case? I do know OneAgent tries to prevent Span duplication in java ( but I don't think thats whats happening, as the span_id/trace_id works when not used manually (@NewSpan in Micronaut).


We're running on the JVM. Any ideas on how we can fix this will be of great help. 🙂 




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Here you have a similar problem described:

If this does not help then the best thing to do in this situation in my opinion is to report the problem to support.


Have a nice day!

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