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Oneagent and environment Activegate are in different zone


Dear All,

I am new to Dynatrace OneAgent. I have 4 environment ActiveGates, 2 Cluster ActiveGate and 6 Cluster nodes in zone A in the same vicinity of Application. My client is migrating Data center from Zone A to Zone B. So Dynatrace setup need to be migrate from Zone A to Zone B. So before migrating their data center to Zone B, Client wants to first setup dynatrace cluster in Zone B. Now i have my 12 servers(4 environment ActiveGates, 2 Cluster ActiveGate and 6 Cluster nodes) in zone B. My question is what are the risks that i may get with latency, Data loss or anything else?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general all depends of network speed, but If I were you I would setup extra nodes on zone B and let them work some time with those in zone A (connected as cluster). In such case, data will be migrated and replicated between old and new nodes. After this operation you can disable old nodes. You can start this operation before migrating application servers. For ActiveGates, only important thing is to connect new activegates in Zone B before agent installation. In such case new agent binaries will have new topology inside and will connect correctly.


Regards, Sebastian

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