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Oneagent upgrades via UI using custom params


Hi guys,


We have one agent installed on more than 300 servers.  We want to upgrade the one agents now and as part of that want to use some of the installation params mentioned here


mainly we want to change the location of DATA Storage and Log Path.  We want to know whats the best way to achieve this ?


a) Oneagent updates via UI or automatic maintenance window - can this be used somehow to update oneagents and also change the data storage and logpath ?


b) If the only way to change the data storage and logpath is to uninstall and install a new oneagent from Linux level(i.e point a) mentioned above is not possible) then does this mean we need to perform oneagent updates wherever custom installation params are used always from linux/machine level or is it like once the custom installation params are set then new updates can be done via UI itself 




Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @sandeep_jan1 ,

In order to change an install parameter you will need to perform an uninstall then install again.


Once you have the agent installed with the correct data storage and log path you will be able to take advantage of the automatic updates. You will not have to perform a complete re install every time you wish to update to a newer version.




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