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Onegent update asks for processes restart

The default configuration for OneAgent updates is to autmomatically upgrade Oneagent on Hosts, however once the agent upgrades on a host the client told us that it asks for processes restart again, so the questions is, ¿When the agent is updated do we still have fullstack capabilities from the previous agent version or we need to restart the processes to get fullstack monitoring again?

This is important to know in case the client wants to have agents updated and restart the processes whenever they are able to and don't lose fullstack monitoring during that time. We don't find an option on settings to set an update of agents for a specific time so agents could be updated on maintenance windows.




Hi Alejandro,

Yes you still have full stack capabilities in terms of deep instrumentation. It is just still using the old version of the agent for full stack monitoring. It asks for a restart so it can apply the update to the processes being deep instrumented to use this new version. So yes you still have full stack monitoring, just with the old version of the agent. Once you restart the processes, then the new version will apply to the processes. Hope this Helps.



Thank you @Ugochukwu N. Do you know if there is a way to set oneagent updates for a specific time?

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