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Openkit: link trace_id with log

We have an openkit implementation in a rich client .NET application.
This client also generates logs which are centralized and via Logstash they are forwarded to DT log monitoring v2.

It is possible lately to link these logs directly with the user session and even user action using trace_id. see


But how can I retrieve this trace_id, span_id info from within OpenKit. We also report these errors as crash events, so we have these log events on the user sessions. But not vice versa. When viewing logs via LM2.0 I want to click to the specific trace which is not a purepath but a user action in our case.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Bert_VanderHeyd were you able to get a solution to this? If so could you share that resolution with the team? 


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