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Opentelemtery to trace SQS listeners running as container pods in EKS and exposed via Dynatrace one agent




I am trying to add open telemetry trace to my golang code. We have around 10 containers deployed in EKS and each of these will read data from SQS, process and post the data to event bridge --> SQS. I would like to add a unique traceid for each sqs message from process1 and trace it where it is in Dynatrace and whether it has completed process10.

Example : 

SQS1 - > process1(Kuberenets container) - SQS2 - >process2(Kuberenets container)..etc

I tried to add a default span and trace id within the code of each process but it is not getting recognized as a service in Dynatrace to pulll the OTEL details.


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