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Oracle OSB Rest



We have a bunch of OSB12 instances. We have Soap services (Web Request Service) and Oracle Rest Resource services. (Web services). The names Detected for the "rest" kind are "Oracle Service Bus REST resource" and "_OSB_REST_Resource_randomnumber" and the SOAP ones are a service name for the uri inside.

Did anyone else had this "problem". We need to "Better detect" the services. Using the Server naming rules for those "Web Services" (OSB REST) don't go anywhere, the only options that show something is the same name that the one of ootb.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For each instance of service is there separate process? Or is it the same one? If it is separate, you can for example set fo each env variable DT_CUSTOM_PROP ( and then use process properties for service creation.


Regards, Sebastian

@Dante P.

Do you mean you'd like to have OSB 12.x Proxy and Business Services reported, instead of default WS, including namespace and method?

If so, it's a case for custom service configuration. Please let me know.

Best, Slawek

Hi! We want to improve the _OSB_REST_Resource randomnuber to something more.... human. like in the soap services, But we cant find how....


I don't want to elaborate and keep you busy with large amount of docs, but quite ok intro might be found here:

Proxy and Business are OSB specific. Customers of mine (large financial institutions) are monitoring their OSB 12c with Dynatrace. Working together, we prepared dedicated sensors, which are helping us to detect "custom services" for both - the Proxy and the Business side of the OSB calls.

For the Proxy, I'd suggest to check:

RouterContext's getPipelineContext() will let you see the "human readable" Proxy service name.

For the Business:,,

ServiceTransportSender's getEndPoint().getServiceRef() will let you see the "human readable" Business service name.

Both Classes are well documented.

These are good to start with. Then, you'd have branches, nodes, pipelines, etc.


I know you've asked for OSB Rest, but that's not necessarily related to so-called Business Service.


It's worth to know, OSB was designed to perform async operations - don't be surprised if you see http response handled in different thread than the initial request - which might be a challenge if OSB Admins wants you to measure the performance of Business part of of the request.

Thanks! will start looking into this in our QA enviroment. I thought to add a namespace (currently detected as - ) but nobody knows how to. Even the internal OSB support.


Same situation here, Could you please share your findings?



Hey. No need to create custom devices.

I managed to get it working with the new Service Detection API.

Thanks for this - helped us heaps to get some of the OSB monitored... what we are finding though is calls to OSB (Proxy or Business Service Side) the time is only 1-2ms only for a 20ms call. Any way to add in anything to get more sensors to pick up the whole time taken and not just what looks like an async call? Im sure all I need is another entry point for the http response...

@slawomir_micha1 , big thanks for sharing! 
I successfully instrumented ServiceTransportSender implementation - to get Business service name. Big thanks for sharing this information.
For MessageProcessor service is possible to change Request Naming Rules - to value from Request Attribute - Business service name with rule if this request attributes exists. 
  Romanenkov Alex


Hey. No need to create custom devices.

I managed to get it working with the new Service Detection API.

Creating the new services act as decoupling all the things the Rest service had, those OSB_REST_XXXX are no more and also the Oracle rest resource isn't there any more. Now everything goes to it's unique service.

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