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Oracle database outage: root cause investigation


GM everyone,

I am a new-bee in Dynatrace !!!

Here is my question.

On 01/03/2023 around 9:00 am, I have an outage on my Oracle database, no one can connect in anymore.

I went on Dynatrace -> filtered to target DB -> time frame=last 90 days -> Problems


4 entries show up:

1. Failed database connects, Jan 03 10:52 duration=5 min, no root cause, statement 1. failed-connect, 2. commit 3.rollback

2. Response time degradation, Jan 03 10:49 duration=12 min, root cause= User Interface

3. Multiple service problems, Jan 03 09:50 duration=1 h 12 min, root cause=Database, statement 1. update, 2 delete, insert

4. Failed database connects, Jan 03 09:40 duration=1 h 17 min, no root cause, statement 1. failed-connect, 2. commit

In fact I know pretty sure there are some Parallel Query running at the time causing the problem.

Oracle Bug 21384810, Parallel Queries in 12c Spending Time on Recursive Query With /* DS_SKEW */ (Doc ID 2104350.1)

I cannot find the culprit SQL in Dynatrace



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @jshue 

Still, you have a chance to get the benefits of the Oracle DB insight feature before this feature totally vanishes. Just start monitoring your database using the Oracle DB insight.



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