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PG ID when masking sensitive data from logs (MaskingRulePGIDScope)


I'm following these instructions for masking sensitive log data:

I'm trying to define a MaskingRulePGIDScope like in the example:


...However, the agent logs display that the used PG ID was "out of range". I've tested several different process group IDs (and PG instance IDs also), both in capitals and in lower case. What is the correct place to extract that Process Group ID? Can I basically navigate to the Process Group, and the copy the ID directly from the URL? E.g. /#processgroupdetails;id=PROCESS_GROUP-6714946EC3018AB3

Well, this is what I've tested so far, but no luck.


Hi again,

Bumping this message in case someone with log masking experience would happen to see it... Has anyone been able to define the rule scope based on Process Group?

This was fixed with the next OneAgent version 1.171:

Logging module

  • Improved Log Monitoring PGID masking rules (APM-183827)

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