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Permission for configuration change access based on management zone

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Hi Team,

I have a customer, who has assigned different management zones to different application teams. The expectation is for the application team to have admin-like access that is limited only to the management zone level.


Since they don’t have a central support team for apps, if each team can independently work on their own requirements, monitoring settings including user accounts after onboarding and initial tagging/setup, that would be a big help.               



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @anjali_menon 

For the time being, management zone level permissions provide only the following:

  • Access environment
  • Change monitoring settings
  • View logs
  • View sensitive request data
  • Replay session data
  • Replay session data without masking

The environment level access will override the management zone level access. 

You can ask for the RFE.





The "View sensitive request data" option on management zone level permissions doesn't work.

Users can't see the bind variables with permission on management zone .


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

We have had similar asks. Users need the capabilities to function with SLOs, Detection Settings, Maintenance windows etc... You can set the change monitoring settings at the MZ level via the permissions for the group, but you also can now bind policies that allow, read and/or write to things such as SLO, Maintenance windows etc.. It allows you to give access without giving full admin access. 


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