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Problem while Tagging a service to identify it uniquely


Hi All,

We have grouped the service for an application using tag. We just found that a single service has multiple application tag associated with it. When I looked at the service , this is being running on same process group instance on a different host which belongs to a different application.

We are monitoring Big data clustered environment , here we have chances of same process group instance running on 2 different hosts for 2 different application . so the service name detected are almost same for 2 different application.

Do I manually need to rename the services or is there way we tag the service so that it will identify the service uniquely.

Kindly help.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Under settings -> server-side service monitoring there is a service naming rules section. Have you looked at changing the rules to add something to it that would be unique to the different services? You wouldn't need to manually change each service name.


Hi James,

I tried renaming services but it did not work for me . If I rename a service which is available across the application, it is renaming everywhere.

I have give condition for specific host but it is renaming the services on other hosts as well where we have common process group.

Rule configured

rename the Services on hosts where Detected host name equals 'host_name'

Service format ---------Test : {Service:DetectedName}

You said the detected service names are almost the same for the 2 services so that would mean they are not detected as one service correct?

There should be something unique between the two services - you'll want to use whatever that is either in the name as one of the placeholders or use the matching rules to make sure it applies only to the services you want.

It's difficult to see what you're trying to set up through text, consider posting some screenshots if possible.

I want to rename all the services running on one machine with prefix CEM with the detected service name. In the rule I have added CEM : before the detected service name.

After applying rule, service got rename but rule is not restricted to single hosts which is specified in the condition. The services got renamed on other hosts as well where these are already running.

We have 6 different hosts where we have this process running on which these services are running. So renaming happened on all 6 hosts.

The process group Instance on which these services running are same across different hosts so is that the reason rule got applied everywhere. These PGI belongs to a single Process Group.

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