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Problem wih CUSTOM DB Queries



Hey, guys.

I recently tried to set up custom database queries in my environment.

But, I am getting this "FATAL dynatrace-jdbc-connector(main)" error. I tested my query in PL SQL and it runs normally.

Could someone help me resolve this error or point me to a way to resolve it?




I've experienced something simular. It ended up having something to do with my configuration in the plugin. 

Could you perhaps share your configuration? 



#Performance matter!

Hello friend how are you?

I didn't quite understand the request, would the plugin configuration be the one in the path Settings > Monitoring > Monitored technologies > Generic DB Query Plugin?

If yes, I will attach it in PDF. I count on your help!

Hi there, 

So how this plugin works: you'll need to get a numeric value, f.e. Count(*)

Why? Because you're pushing metrics, so we would need an number. Could you try editing the query to Select COUNT(*) FROM [TABLENAME] ? 

see if we get any results? 

#Performance matter!

Hello, I tried to change as requested and still got no response. Here's a print and the query change.

Do you know for sure that the PORT  connecting towards is correct? Also, since this is an activegate plug-in, could you see what's in that LOG? 

I'm curious if the JDBC connection is actually set up? 

#Performance matter!

OK let's go.

My port is configured on port 1521, according to a TNSNAMES I have in my SQL PL that can call that same query.

I don't have access to the server where Active Gate is installed, but I see some logs through Dynatrace that I'm not sure if they are related, because I disabled this plugin to test and it kept collecting that same log.

Does JDBC need to be installed on the host that is Active Gate? Not sure about that as I don't have access.



Detail, I get these logs all day long. I don't think it's related to the plugin.


Don't think is necessary to install extra stuff looking at the installation requirements. 

Probably it's not the right log if it keeps logging whilst disabled. Could we just try: select count(*)
from [table]? 

Just to see if the problem is in the query? 

For the logging, a plug-in probably generates its own log file on the activegate. Could  you check var/lib/dynatrace/remotepluginmodule/log/remoteplugin? Should also be able to import this. 

#Performance matter!

Okay, I'll change the query to test.

About the logs, I don't have access to the host where ActiveGate is hosted, I'll need to ask someone who has access.


I took a look at the logs and noticed the return of error ORA-01858. Any idea how to resolve?

ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected

Is this with the old or the new query? 

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With any one query.

I think the problem is in the date, I'll change it to numbers and run again.

Hey, friend.

Based on the logs, I changed the date query parameter for the model: XX/Month Number/XXXX instead of XX/Month/XXXX.

I would like to thank you for your help, and if possible edit your comment sent at 11:45 am where you have some information about my query and delete it.

I am very happy if you can do this, thank you very much and have a nice day.

Done! Good luck with it 🙂 

#Performance matter!

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