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Process Monitoring


Hi Team.

I'd like to ask some question about 'Process Monitoring'

In figure I attached,

it show a high re-transmission rate, and low connectivity one process.

So I want know what these two factor(re-transmission,connectivity) means in dynatrace.

for example, connectivity means that connectivity between dynatrace and the process.

and please let me know what ';High re-transmission rate and Low connectivity' means in dynatrace.

Thank you in advance


Connectivity means connectivity between your processes, not connectivity between dynatrace and the process.

Please take a look on this article:

Re-transmission is the resending of packets which have been damaged or lost.

You can choose the process to see it`s own re-transmission rate, see example below.

Also you can try Analyze process connections:

You can analyze quality of connection for every entity.

It is great function and possibility of dynatrace processess connectivity analysis.



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