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Process connections time frame


The "Analyze process connections" view doesn't contain any controls for time frame. Which time period is displayed, is it always some default "last x minutes" value? At least based on my tests, it doesn't look like the time frame I have selected currently is used when opening that view. It would be very useful to be able to look at that data for a specific time in the past (when we know there were issues).



Hello Kalle,

From the test on my SaaS UI I figured out that the Analyze process connections page uses the timeframe set in the process view. If you look at the top of your page in the bread crumbs it will have host -> (process name) -> process connections. Click the process and change the time frame there. Then click analyze process connections and they should represent the connections and network metrics for that timeframe.


David Nicholls

Hi David,

I appreciate the find, however I couldn't replicate this myself in our environment. In my case, the bread crumbs say: Hosts > [hostname] > Process connections. So the process name is actually never up there.

The process name is only listed under the "Selected entity", in the right hand side of the screen. So it seems like the context is always a single host, and then the process can be switched on the go.

But even if by clicking "process name" you meant to click the host and then edit the time controls there... they simply don't take effect when I open the Process connections view. I can select a time frame where process connectivity is 0 %, and under the Process connections it's listing 100 % connectivity for all connecting processes because that is the current state of things. So the old time frame simply doesn't apply to the view.

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