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Processes restart with agent upgrades

Hi Team,

I'm finding hard to restart our LIVE processes with every recurring agent upgrade -


The snap clearly shows that there was a restart on 5th march but again it's demanding within a week which is impossible. I'm aware if we're not restarting the monitoring is still not impacted but I've witnessed a manipulation into UI without restart, ref - #291327 (kindly refer the screenshots) where the impact was not shown into "Technologies and Processes" option.

Can this be addressed please.

Thanks in advance.






Hi there,

Not sure if I got the question right, but let me try 🙂

Within every oneagent update, new features get introduced. APM agents only inject themselfs during the start of a process. This means that after every agent update you'll  need te restart the agent. This only applies for newly introduced features.

within the oneagent. That's why you get this message. It can happen that some features are activated when the agent is still running. These features will not need new agent libraries. When  new features are in the pre loaders, restart of the application process is mandatory and can't be avoided.


Kind regards,




#Performance matter!

Thanks for your response!

But according to the screenshot given above is it possible to restart LIVE process every week? This is something Dynatrace should look upon as it is manipulating UI information too, artifact available into the support ticket.



Hi there,


Restarts of processes need to be scheduled. Of course we do not want to restart LIVE production environments every week to activate functionalities. 
Luckily, this is also NOT needed since monitoring stays active. The statement in the UI just states that to activate the newer version, you'll need to restart the process.

I would just suggest waiting for regular maintenance. Normally, applications / processes follow DTAP-principles. This results in the agents  getting updated whenever the application gets updated.

What I don't understand is this statement:
This is something Dynatrace should look upon as it is manipulating UI information too, artifact available into the support ticket.

Perhaps you can clarify this a bit more? Are you getting incidents because the reboot message is shown in the UI? 

#Performance matter!


Alright, let's assume if tomcat technology is red it is shown into "Technologies and Processes" and even deeper on which hosts it is impacted. For my case it was not showing due to a due restart. I got all the details from problem xyz but not from technologies and processes page the impact for hosts level was not even published. Ideally it should've shown.

Hi there,

Are you experiencing problems with Dynatrace technologies whilst waiting for a service restart? Because if that's the case, I suggest moving to a support ticket (if you feel it's a bug) 🙂


#Performance matter!

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