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Public Synthetic Location Availability (in %)

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Customer is asking:
Does Dynatrace provide/share for each synthetic location the following data listed below?

1) Availability / uptime data like in a given period, was the public synthetic location up at 100% or 99.75%?
2) What is the load on the synthetic node?
3) If it was down, what is the date, time and duration of which it was down?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Richard, 
1) We don't have a public view showing the availability/ uptime of our public Synthetic locations. When there is a problem, we report it on  but it is very rare. Looking back at the last 12 months the availability of our public locations was 99.9996 - 100%. 
2) Each location has a different load as end users select the public locations they are interested in, so some locations have many more monitor executions run on them. To allow for this we use multiple inputs to determine the number of players running on a location these include things like CPU usage and Chrome browser usage as well as having redundancy. Extra capacity is added within 15 minutes of any increase being seen. 
3) If a location is down we report it on 

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

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