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Push notification for filtered management zones only


Hello, I filtered the alerts inside the app using my management zone and it works fine, but I receive push notifications for all the management zones available in my account. Is it possible to apply the same filtering to the push notifications?

Thank you very much! 


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @gmorreal,

assuming that you are using email for problem notifications, to receive alerts only for this specific management zone, you need to create an alerting profile for this management zone, and in the problem notification choose this alerting profile, The following is a sample

1- Create alerting profile:

From the left side menu search for settings then Alerting-->Problem Alerting profile

You can leave the default alerting profile as it is and create a new one or duplicate the default and change the cloned one, change the name, choose the management zone, and click save if severity rules are fine (you can leave the default severity rules)


2- Create a problem notification

from the settings --> Integration --> Problem notifications--> Add notification

choose notification type, Add Recipient, choose Alerting profile then save


Note: Don't forget to remove your email account from the default notification if you want to receive notifications only for this management zone.

Best Regard,


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Thanks @Mohamed_Hamdy for the quick response. I'm using the mobile dynatrace app to receive push notifications and as I said I receive notifications for all the management zones, while I would like to receive that only for the MZ that I configured in the app. Is it possible?


Hi @gmorreal ,

I do not think it is currently available for the Dynatrace app to receive the notifications by Management Zone yet. You can post as a product idea to get more insight into when and if this might be available. 

Dynatrace ACE Services Consultant

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