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Queries on SAML integration with Dynatrace


Hi All,


I have few queries on SAML integration with Dynatrace, we will be using Ping federate (Idp) for this integration.


I understand that, we need to manage account creation, permission creation and modification on DT side but do we need to invite users from DT?

How account inactivity will be handled in this case? like, amount of time that an account can be inactive before it is disabled?

How access review takes place in this case?


Can someone please have a look and help me with the above queries.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

That would all be done via AD. If you set up the integration and you have an AD group called EasyTravel Admins, you would need to create a Dynatrace group that then grants access, say to MZ:EasyTravel PD. Then you need to add a security claim. Once the claim is added, then its hands off. As users come and go from the organization or the AD group they will get or remove access. Inactivity i don't think applies.  


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