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React Mobile


Hi! We need to inject oneagent in Android/iOS React apps.

I know that is in "the roadmap". But it would be usefull to know what to expect in timing, to check alternatives. On "Official" instrumentation (not the community Plugin).



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

We already started working on it. We plan to build an npm module that allows to add the Android and iOS agent into your project and provide a JS api to report user actions.

We currently expect to have something ready for EAP by the end of Q2.


Super interested in this Dominik! Please let me know when this becomes EAP.

Hi @Dominik P. is there any news in this EAP?

Hi @Dominik P. any news regarding this EAP? we are interested in trying it too. appreciate if you could provide an update.

Dante is there a community plugin? I'm waiting on the React Native support Dominik mentioned below but need something now :).

Hi Matt! i found this plugin at the forum.

it seams that it works for Appmon and Oneagent (but didnt try it)


Hi,This is already in EAP, please reach out to Dominik P

According to this link there is not:

Regards, Sebastian

Not all EAPs are publicly listed in the documentation.

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