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React Native Certificate


I am trying to install Dynatrace in React Native and it all is running smoothly. But, I use the plugin TrustKit for security in apps. How do I get a certificate Pin SHA256? I have been trying Pin SHA256 with domain Dynatrace, but my problem cannot communicate with API Back End. Is there any solution?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Erik,
We need some more information from you.
Do you have trouble obtaining the SHA256 key?
Or have you succeeded in pinning the certificate but failed to establish a connection afterward?
Can you please describe what you already tried, what worked and what did not work.
Are you trying on Android or iOS?

I can't get the sha256 key used by dynatrace. I've tried using the sha256 key from the domain and it doesn't seem to work using the key. This incident happened on iOS. When I tried to disable trustkit, the React Native dynatrace plugin was running normally

Hi, what is the SHA256 key needed for in TrustKit? Is there a documentation for that API you need it for?

iOS help:

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