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Release notes not updated

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

DT team,

Please make updating Release notes a priority - see


Our cluster is moved to 1.278 but when I go to Release Notes in the Right Menu, it takes me to the Release notes on old documentation page.



When I look at this documentation for 1.278, it still says pre release and not full release notes

It can't be found on old page unless you put in the page manually:



If I go to the new Documentation page and I do find 1.278, it still says pre-release.



I was hoping this was getting better after this post below, but here we are


Please make documentation of release notes a priority.

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Kenny,
It has been reported to the DOC team, thank you.

When passion meets people magic and innovation happen.

Correct, i have that 🙂

still shows pre release




Dynatrace Certified Professional

Hi Kenny,

We have changes to these RN in the pipeline. Pl bear with us as we push these through to production. Thanks for your patience.

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader


Some of our tenants received SaaS update 1.283 but NO RELEASE NOTES

Please Fix ASAP


Dynatrace Certified Professional

Hi @Kenny_Gillette, passed this to our InfoDevs! Thanks for letting us know

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

This should be fixed by now, once again, thanks for letting us know.

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at


where one can find the release note for Managed

This isn't clear, actually confusing: 



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