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Renaming of Process Groups based on host tags


I attempted to implement a process group renaming rule that would be applied to processes that are running on specific hosts. In the screen where the rename rule is configured it is possible to use "Host tags" as a condition... which would imply that the rename would only get applied to processes on matching hosts. What we have found, however, is that the rename gets applied to processes running on other hosts as well (ones that lack the tag referenced in the rule). It would apprear, therefore, that there is no way to apply the rename to only process group INSTANCES on specific hosts. Is there any plan to change this behavior in the future, or any other way to accomplish the rename without manually performing a rename on each process group instance?



Hey Jeff,

I believe the new Host Groups feature will be able to help here. This feature is currently in Beta. Please read more about this feature here

Also see the blog post about it here




Yes, host group is the key to tag process groups & services correct!

The only question now is what is the right way to set host group over existing installation of old onegaent ?

Any suggestion or reinstall is the only way here?


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Dynatrace Champion

There is no plan to specifically name instances of a process group. An instance of a process group is always designated with its Process Group + Node name. Where the node name is typically the cluster node identifier.

Often the problem is that the process group itself encompases more nodes than it should, i.e. it is wrongly detected. To change that you can use the process group detection rules:

In a detection rule you can also define the node.

Naming rules do not change the which process belongs to which group, they only change the name of the group. A detection rule changes which process belongs to which group.

If you feel that the process group is indeed correctly identified (it contains all the right process group instances) but you really only want to define a rule for the node identifier I would recommend an RFE. This is a use case I haven't thought about yet.

Host groups is not the right feature. Host groups are used to split process groups based on things like environments. e.g. Production vs staging.

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