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Request Name name case insensitivity


We have a public API and no control of the casing that clients use when using the API. The problem that we see is the '/api/project' and '/api/Project' are treated as different requests. We've used request naming rules as a workaround for this but that feels like a very clunky solution as we have to do them individually for each request that we care about.


Is there a way to turn off case sensitivity for detected web request names for a service?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Brian,

With request naming rules you should be able to go service by service (using the UI) instead of request by request. You can create a cleanup rule that extracts the request name as is and converts it to lower case. Go to your Service > Edit > Web request naming rules > add Cleanup rule:

If you have a need for this for more than a couple of services, the API is the alternative for creating these rules at a global level.


I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Radu, this is not solution.


It doesn`t work. 


It transfer all URL to "/" - I have requested "/pDp/2222/dRd" and "/ppp/2222/ddd"




It can be done  by rule with additional placeholder:












This is great, but by doing this it removes the clean up rule `Remove UUIDs, IP addresses and IBANs from URLs`

Do you have a way how we can fix this ?

You can apply the placeholder on the request name rather than the URL path to preserve [uuid] and similar replacements that Dynatrace already performed.

In case of non-URL request names, I use a broader match of regex:  (\S+?)$

I have this same issue and would really appreciate a global way to turn off case sensitivity on all requests. It has to be at least by service and I'd appreciate it if it was simply a check box at the global or service level. It's very much a pain to try and do this at a request or service level now.

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