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Request attributes to old requests


Hi team

We use span attributes to add a lot of data needed to debug, but we cannot filter them directly and we need to create request attributes,

the point here is that we have this span attributes now but not mapped as request attributes, is there any way to create request attributes for old requests (or to filter by span attribute directly)



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Have you tried using multidimensional analysis and using the "Span Name" filter?


Have a nice day!

I'm trying it but I haven't set span names, or i don't see them in any span in a trace metadata, but, this is just a name of the unit of work isn't it? not a concrete value of it
What I want is to filter, for example, by IOS, cartId, userId, tenant, promotionalCode, all together, to check what was happened with this filters

I would like to clarify you have the span capture set up on the DT side? Can you send a screen of your configuration?

Have a nice day!

Span capturing is empty, we are using opentelemetry to instrumentalise our application and oneagent is capturing and publishing them, sorry I'm new with dynatrace, let me know if this answers your question

"All detected OpenTelemetry and OpenTracing spans are captured by default. This means that every detected span is added to distributed traces. This gives code-level visibility along with span attributes, even for technologies not supported by OneAgent out of the box.

You can create Request Attributes based on spans to segment the distributed traces."



You can simply create request attributes based on the span attribute as below, so then you can filter with them.





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You can do exactly as @islam_zidan  wrote.
In addition, you can configure Span Capture:

Try it and let us know.

Have a nice day!

The main question is basically how to do that to requests older than the time I've set that attribute 😞

Unfortunately, you will not have data visibility before setting RA. Only all new data coming from transactions will be properly metered.

Have a nice day!

Unfortunately, you can't get the history back before creating the request attribute.

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I have a similar situation where dev is setting some metadata via SPAN attributes ,  whicd show up on the distributed traces as "Value not stored".   The tool tip on hovering over this shows the following message :

"The attribute value is not configured to be stored. You can configure it in the traceview for future traces"


The How do I set this TraceView configuration ?   Can anybody help  ? 





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