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Resolving a process instance ID to a host using smartscape API


Since there is no way, in my knowledge at least, to get the hostname sent along in the problem api web hook, I was wondering how get the host from the API.

Say I have this as a process group instance, and I wan't to figure out which server this runs on.


Is this possible?



Hello Tarjei,

The reason that the host is not apparent when there is a problem with a process group is because the entityId that is tied to the problem changes depending on whether it is host level (infrastructure), process level or service level problem.


  • entityId: Unique identifier of the monitored entity where the event was detected (host, process, service, etc).
  • entityName: Display name of the monitored entity.


To correlate the name of the process group to a host, you can use the topology API to get the list of process groups and there is a line that reports which host they run on called, runsOn:

Hope that helps,

David Nicholls

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The processes API endpoint will be available with the next SaaS sprint release 128, which means in around 4 weeks from now. Right now we only expose the process groups which is not the same as the process group instances. With sprint 128 you will get an explicit endpoint for fetching the details for a single process.


How about the process id of the process show on the OS ?

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