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Running oneagent and appmon on same host


Our client has servers which host multiple applications where some applications have AppMon agents and they would like to deploy the Oneagent to monitoring other applications. My understanding is that once the Oneagent is deployed we can turn the toggle off to prevent/disable Dynatrace monitoring of those AppMon instrumented applications and that would allow both agents to co-exist, is that the case?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Yes, any other agent can run (including AppMon agents) as long as you don't have the OneAgent trying to inject itself into that JVM/.process. The disabling of other agents occurs when that injection for deep monitoring occurs so as long as you have deep monitoring disabled it won't try to inject itself and thus won't disable any other agents.



Thanks for the confirmation!


Is this documented anywhere, do you know?

Hello guys.

I'm using oneagent and appmon agent on the same JVM... when I installed the oneagent the appmon agent got disabled...

If I disable "fullstack monitoring" and I restart the process... the appmon agent 'll work again?

thanks and sorry for the english.

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