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SQL server undetected in data explorer


Hi community 


I configured 9 SQL server monitoring configurations for MSSQL.



However, when trying to add into dashboard, only 2 out of the configurations were detected. This happens when split by "SQL server instances" and "" were used. For split by "device" and "device.address" it returns 9 no problem.




Question: Why only 2 SQL server is detected when split by "SQL server instances" and "" were used? it would be useful if can return all 9 as it is more recognizable than ip address


Any help on this is much appreciated, thanks!




Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Can you send a link to your environment to I would like to investigate what is going on here (it seems to me that the dimensions for instance and device name are not being sent for the other seven, but I would like to confirm it)

If you have already opened a ticket about it please also share that link with us.

Hi David, thank you so much for helping, already sent the link



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

This is fixed with Dynatrace Activegate version 1.251

For now the work around is to add the IP address and DNS information to the hosts file of the Activegates that are running the extension

Thanks David

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