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Security gateway failed to connect to Managed cluster


Hi We have install Security gateway component on the server but installation is getting completed with connection failed due to which security gateway server going down after some time and it is not getting register We have below check are in place still connection is not reachable not sure where is the problem

1) Cluster Node have multiple NICS ,Node setting has been defined to use specific IP on all the three nodes .

2) Security gateway server have 3 NICS . Static route has been configured to connect to Cluster nodes using specific interface /Gateway

3) Telnet to 8443 for cluster node working fine from security gateway server

4)net stat output clearly showing server is using specific interface for 8443 connection if I do manual telnet check

Though all communication is in place Security gateway is not reachable .

Before trying above option without doing any changes in Node setting of cluster. we did security gateway installation we did not got any results .That time security server was connecting to cluster nodes from front end (telnet connection check).

Note - Security gateway is not establishing any connection while installation even their are no logs files or conf folders getting created. I manually running the dyntrace security gateway exc which created some logs but conf directory empty almost with only file inside that .

Please help to figure out this issue .



Also below link talk about security gateway need internet . Hope this is not required for private security gateway . Above question is for Private security gateway we do not have internet on that machine.

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Prashant,

Where are you downloading the file for the security gateway from? Are you downloading the Security Gateway file from a specific environment that you configured from the cluster management console or from the CMC itself?

Try going into a specific environment and then going to deployment status -> "Install security Gateway"



issue is resolved it was due to Operating system issue Thanks

hi, can you elaborate on where you fixed it?

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