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See contents of HOST_GROUP in Dynatrace


Now that we've added the HOST_GROUP parameter to the OneAgent install, we can see processes and services somewhat separated in Smartscape. We've also noticed that we can setup automated tagging based on host group name, but we need to know the value of it to create the tag. Is there a way to expose the host group name as a property of the host it was installed on?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Kyle R. the Host group name is displayed in the host properties within the Dynatrace UI. We typically create an automatic tagging rule that populates from the host level down, attaching to the processes, process groups, and the services. That way no matter what service a user might be in they can always see what group they are in like "easyTravel_PRD" This also allows us to set management zones by the tag host groups thus giving them access to all the data under the host level.


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