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Service Peak Minute Search Volume using UI?


I am looking for a "Quick and Dirty" way to find the Maximum Peak Minute Search Volume for a given service using the User Interface. I found this post for peak hour using the API, but am not familiar at all with the API interface, nor is my overall team so a UI based method would be useful.

If there is NOT a UI based method could someone post an example of an API call finding this information given a particular service / service group name (i.e. "samepleservice) please?

Thanks in advance!



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Under Diagnostic Tools -> Top Web Requests is a view that may be helpful to you. You can visualize all requests and use the filters at the top to filter to only specific search requests by URL.


Thanks! Is there a way to have that parse out what the maximum HPS would be for the filtered service within a given timeframe?

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