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Service detected name




Our customer has installed oneagent on some servers of OSB Cluster. But when we see the services Dynatrace show us starting with the server name, for example:


server1 (/xxx/xxx/RequestUser)

server2 (/xxx/xxx/RequestUser)


So we have the same service splitted by server name so we see multiple services that are the same service.


How can we solve this problem so we can see only one service?


Thank you so much!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

First  you should check if the processes that provide the services belong to the same process group. 

If they do you can simply merge the services.


If they are separated you need to check why (e.g. different Host Groups), as a service can never span multiple process groups.

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Yes, the services have the same process group. I've seen the possibility of merging the services, but we have more than 1500. Is there any other option?


Thank you.

Then you might want to use the service detection API. See this blog post and this community question. 

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