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Set a maintenance window for the second tues of the month


We have monthly maintenance window which occurs the Wednesday after the second Tuesday of every month.  I would like to set a maintenance window for midnight of the second Tuesday of every month so the agent will be updated and ready when they reboot the server the following day.  

How do I configure this into the cluster?


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Dynatrace Champion

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I wish this were possible.  If only the Maintenance Window scheduler followed the concepts of a CRON JOB scheduler. That would be AMAZING (Awesome Sauce!).


There are a few other forums posts regarding the same. Better options regarding the Maintenance Window scheduler.


A solution.....we created a maintenance window for which a script runs every month and automatically updates the Date to the second Tuesday of the current month. It uses the DT APIs to do this.  The second part to our strategy is that the Maintenance Windows includes items based on the Key:Value tag of "RelatedMW: Second Tuesday".   We then put this TAG on all the entities, lets say HOSTS, then we have an automatic rule that pushes the tag down from the host to all the Services, Process Groups, Processes, etc.


All of this results in exactly what you are looking for but it's a huge work-around. My hope is one day DT will use CRON-like schedulers.


PM me if you'd like help setting this up.  The only part you need to figure out is where or what will run the monthly script to update the MW date.  We use Node-Red.



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