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Show a service on dashboard by spliting up their request names


Hello, i want to show a service on dashboard, and it is authentication-ms. This service has 5 requests. However, i want to show 3 of them. I don't have any permission to specify key requests. Therefore, i am focusing on just creating some query on data-explorer part. Actually, i created  query thanks to some ai tools but it's not enough."dt.entity.service", entitySelector("type(service),serviceType(~WEB_REQUEST_SERVICE~)")),in("dt.entity.service", entitySelector("type(service),serviceType(~WEB_SERVICE~)"))),or(and(in("dt.entity.service", entitySelector("type(service),entityName(~authentication-ms~)")),in("dt.entity.service", entitySelector("type(service),entityName(~ms~)")),in("dt.entity.service", entitySelector("type(service),entityName(~auth~)")),in("dt.entity.service", entitySelector("type(service),entityName(~login~)")))))):splitBy("dt.entity.service"):avg:sort(value(avg, descending)):limit(100). pls can you help me to fix it out?


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hello @tugbakoc ,


You can use Multidimensional Analysis view to show metrics split by number of requests.
You can also create calculated service metric If you want to display the data in dashboard.

unfortunately, i dont have a permission to create any metric. I want to create a tile on dashboard. For example, i can demonstrate the failure rate of authentication-ms service by using data-explorer, but especially i wan to focus on specific endpoints under the service not all service. I can not filter the service according to endpoint.

Hi @tugbakoc ,

As our first suggestion of creating a key request and the second suggestion of creating a metric is not possible this eliminates the biggest two viable approaches to displaying this request level data. 

I would reccomend as @Omkar_B mentioned that you Save a Multidimensional Analysis view and then Add a Link to that Saved Multidimensional Analysis View on a dashboard via a Markdown tile.

It will only allow you to link to the view however this is the next viable solution given your limited access.

Saving a  MDA view Docs:

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